Sleep Hacks


Sleep Hacks


EPISODE 16 Tue 19 May
Does cheese give you nightmares? Should you try valerian? And what about sleeping pills? Around 3 million Australians suffer from insomnia, so what’s proven to help? Dr Michael Mosley joins Insight to share evidence-based ways to hack your sleep for a better night’s rest.

Meet The Guests

Anna Guthleban

“I have a very active brain…Three voices in my head are saying, ‘Go to sleep,’ but the fourth one is saying, ‘Do penguins have knees?’”

Otto Ruettinger

“I was concerned that if I wasn't getting the right amount of sleep that my [work] performance was going to be sub-par…I’m going to get fired, I'll lose my job, won't be able to pay my mortgage.”

Zoe Miller-Starr

“At six weeks [old], my son started sleeping through but my sleep patterns stayed - waking up every few hours or not being able to fall asleep.”

Dr Michael Mosley

“There are so many things that work, which unfortunately are being ignored at the moment.”