EPISODE 14 Tue 10 May
Are we getting enough sleep?

Meet The Guests

Judith and Jasmine Kotz

Jasmine: "I usually go to bed at 11pm and I fall asleep at maybe 3am …" | Judith: "Sometimes she’ll actually go almost a 36 hour period without sleep."

Judy Sahay

“I actually sleep about four to five hours a night ... if I sleep around eight to nine hours I actually feel more tired.”

Shantha Rajaratnam

“Seventeen to nineteen hours without sleep equates to performance impairment of about .05 blood alcohol concentration - so the legal limit. Twenty four hours gets closer to .08 or .10, so it can be pretty significant cognitive or neuro-behavioural impairment.”

Michelle Johnston

“Emergency departments, critical care areas, are 24 hours ... we don’t give enough credence I think to the real fallibility and humanness and what we expect to be provided by our critical care staff.”

Fiona Kerr

“There’s really interesting work done on not only taking a nap, but the length of the naps … The best nap is really the 15 – 25 minute nap … it increases alertness, increases memory, cognition, mood.”

Ally Nicolopoulos

“The alcohol will suppress the anxiety … enough for you to fall asleep, but when you do wake up, I wake up ten times more aroused than if I haven’t had it at all.”