Sperm Donation


Sperm Donation


EPISODE 32 Tue 22 Oct
"I just want to meet someone that I look like, get to know them." - Ross Hunter.

Meet The Guests

Paul Van Reyk and Alexis Rosenberg

Over the last three decades, Paul Van Reyk has donated sperm to more than a dozen women - but never through a clinic and never with any paperwork. Alexis Rosenberg is one of the children he helped create. Alexis says knowing the identity of her biological father while growing up did not affect her relationship with her legal father, Simon. 'He (Simon) is my dad, and knowing that Paul helped create me didn’t change that".

Ray Tonna

Earlier this year, Ray Tonna received a life changing letter. The Victorian government told him that he had a 30 year old daughter conceived from a sperm donation he had made as a student in the 1980s. She had been looking for him for 15 years. And the matter was now urgent: his daughter only had months to live.

Amy Corderoy

Amy Corderoy, 29, is donor-conceived but has no interest in meeting her biological father. She rejects the idea that not knowing her donor means she is missing something in her life. 'If you’re a donor-conceived child who grew up in a family with parents", she says, 'you have an identity, you have a culture."

Ross Hunter

Ross Hunter wants to find out the identity of his anonymous biological father. 'I just want to meet someone that I look like, get to know them", he says. But the rules in Victoria make this nearly impossible. The 36 year old Melbourne teacher thinks all donor-conceived people should be able to access information about their origins, even if their donor was assured anonymity when they donated.

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