Stopping School Bullying


Stopping School Bullying


EPISODE 6 Tue 26 Mar
Bullying happens to one in four kids and can have long term impacts but some schools are reducing it. This week Insight hears from students who have been bullied and the bullies themselves about how their school is stopping it.

Meet The Guests


"I bully guys and girls because it was my way of kind of fitting in … everyone was … getting their name known as getting in trouble, like from teachers mentioning them and like that's how people would stand out as being a bully and making other people feel uncomfortable."

Chin Chin

“They were talking to a friend of mine, talking about me saying how ugly I am thinking I'm so cool and that I'm a gangster and stuff … I just started doubting myself. I was like, am I not enough? Is this how I really should be?”


"After the program, the Chins and the white kids intertwined a lot more, like we were more together. It wasn't just them in their group of friends and us in our group of friends.”


"My friend was getting bullied … I went up to him and I was like 'stop it, you're really hurting his feelings … You're really just ruining his life, you should just leave him alone'.”

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