That Old Question


That Old Question


EPISODE 13 Tue 3 May
How do we give older Australians the housing choices they want?

Meet The Guests

Cathy and Sonny Pirreca

“Mum always said, you need to look after your father when I die.” 

Ramzi and Sajeeda Elsayed

"Mum stays with me for four nights a week, she's also at my sister's for three nights a week. So we spread the love, as I call it."

Olympia and Rose

“Rose is kind of a house mate.” | “Olympia is a carer, but to me you could say she’s nearly like a daughter.” 

Ruth Ponniah

“Fingers crossed, I keep thinking that I'd like to stay on where I am.” 

Judy and Michael Hollingworth

People my age and older want autonomy, purpose in their lives and relationships.”

Megan Lewis

“We’ve agreed that this needs to be a family decision … what I’ve said to mum, this might seem a bit harsh, but it’s not all about mum right now.”

Jane Mussared

"I love the idea that people are experimenting. I think that's what we need to do."

Raji Gopal

"Indians, they always look for a boy. They want a boy, then a girl - all couples.  But when old age comes, they think, 'who's going to look after [them]'?"

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