The Dental Gap


The Dental Gap


EPISODE 14 Tue 5 May
Dental care is a glaring gap in our health system. In 2018, about two million Australians required dental care but didn’t get it due to cost. We talk to dentists, and people whose lives have been impacted by bad teeth, about how to fix the state of Australia’s oral health.

Meet The Guests

Terese Loverso

"By the time I was almost 50 I was  looking for a fix because the gaps were so bad and I was, I was struggling to eat. I couldn't eat, I was just on liquid food."

Dr Matt Hopcraft

"Across the country the situation is pretty dire. There's probably 400 to 500,000 people on waiting lists."

Peter Petrovic

"The lack of job opportunities, especially as my teeth got progressively worse became very limiting."

Matt Cowgill

"Cost is really the overwhelming barrier for a large number of Australians when it comes to getting the dental care they need."