The Family Business


The Family Business


EPISODE 7 Tue 28 Mar
What happens when you mix family and business?

Meet The Guests

Jason Lea (Darrell Lea)

"He didn't like that: to be told by his son, who he had sacked, that his son then wanted him to be sacked."

Roula Angelopoulos (13 Cabs)

“I’m very thankful because I got to know my dad as a mate [after joining the family business]. But it took a while to get there.” 

Justin Dry and Andre Eikmeier (Vinomofo)

“When the business is not doing well …  it also means, because he's married to my sister, she's not doing well and they've got kids so there’s always that tension and that depressing thing knowing I wasn't just failing myself, I was failing the family.”

Spehar Family (Ivan's Smallgoods and Butchery)

“I’m a very harsh boss and I can scream lots… but then a few minutes later I forgive. I don’t carry a grudge." 

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