The First Cut


The First Cut


EPISODE 27 Tue 2 Oct
Should baby boys be circumcised?

Meet The Guests

Andrew Freedman

Dr Andrew Freedman is a paediatric urologist and was part of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ taskforce which recently changed its view on male circumcision: it now says that health benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks. Dr Freedman is Jewish and circumcised his own son on his kitchen table.

Stan Wisniewski

Stan Wisniewski is a retired urological surgeon. He says there are no scientific studies that conclusively show the procedure improves health of individuals or communities. However, during his career Stan performed circumcisions where medically necessary and for consenting adults for 'cosmetic" reasons. Stan was formerly the head of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand.

Elwyn Moir

Elwyn Moir was circumcised as a baby and isn’t happy about it. Now 28 years old, he believes his circumcised penis is not as sensitive as an intact one and he grew up feeling angry and violated at the decision.He is currently in the process of trying to 'restore" his foreskin. He thinks circumcision is a personal choice that should be made by consenting adults.

Karl Williams

Karl Williams chose to have his foreskin removed at the age of 19. He thinks the procedure has improved the look and health of his penis. He says there has been no change in sensitivity. Karl thinks the best age to be circumcised is at birth when there is no memory of having it done and 'you are set up for life".

Sharon Orapeleng

Sharon Orapeleng’s son Xavier was circumcised when he was a baby as a preventative measure against HIV. Her family is from Botswana which has the world’s second highest rate of HIV. Sharon and her husband wanted Xavier to have an extra level of protection in case he returns to Africa. She also thinks circumcised penises are cleaner and look better. Botswana’s government recently implemented an HIV circumcision program where boys and men can elect to have the procedure done for free. Sharon thinks a similar strategy would be good for Australia.

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