The Health Obsession


The Health Obsession


EPISODE 29 Tue 5 Sep
What happens when trying to be healthy becomes unhealthy?

Meet The Guests

Rachel Baffsky

“I rationalised it that, because I was getting fit, I couldn't possibly be sick because I am so fit and I was achieving these athletic goals.”

Thomas Grainger

“My definition of clean eating was removing all refined carbohydrates, all gluten, all diary or sugar or legumes, basically off limits 100 percent of the time.”

Sarah McMahon, psychologist

“Systematic elimination of food, and when someone starts to see food as bad, then people will start to eliminate that from their diet and that's really dangerous.”

Dr Sloane Madden, psychiatrist

“Messages that focus on weight, shape, weight loss and measuring haven't worked for obesity. So all of the public health campaigns have really made no difference and they put people at risk.”