The Pill Gamble


The Pill Gamble


EPISODE 1 Thu 17 Oct
How could pill testing change attitudes towards recreational drug use?

Meet The Guests


“It felt like my face was melting off my body and I was in and out of consciousness, I was foaming at the mouth and it was terrifying.”


“I was the guy which knew the guy, knew the bigger fish so to speak. I would get maybe 50 or 100 pills at the time and just help my friends out and then help their friends out.”


"It's an escape from real life, you're with friends, everybody's feeling amazing, having awesome deep conversations, everything's so like loved up with each other that like it just becomes so addictive.”


"I have no idea what is in any of the drugs that I'm taking currently, like it's [pill testing] going to make me safer, I would hope.”