Their Other Life


Their Other Life


EPISODE 7 Tue 27 Mar
What happens when you discover your partner has a secret life?

Meet The Guests

Rochelle Rees

“These are things that if we knew about our partners, we would not have entered the relationship and by withholding that, our right to consent was just taken away.”

Donna Andersen

“When I finally filed for divorce I claimed that he took $227,000 from me and left me with $60,000 worth of debt.”

Nijole Lucinskaite

“A few of the people that I met in the street asked me if I knew and I said 'no' and they said 'how could you not?' And I guess they thought I may have been an accomplice and of course I never saw them again.”

Rachel Carling-Jenkins

“I will still be triggered when I’m in a shopping centre or walking down the street and I see a little girl with particular colour hair or a particular look on her face, that will trigger some of the images that I saw and that’s something that I think will take a lot longer to work through.”