Transgender Teens


Transgender Teens


EPISODE 15 Tue 28 May
Figuring out who you are is a major part of teenagehood. But what would you do if being yourself also means changing your gender? It’s estimated 1.2 per cent of highschool kids identify as transgender. How are young people navigating the hurdles of adolescence on top of coming out and transitioning?

Meet The Guests

Nate, 16

"Just a layer under your skin is the person who I saw myself as … There was like this one tiny layer of skin that was stopping me from being that."

Logan, 21

"My parents weren't on board at the time so I knew that I would have to wait until I was at least eighteen to even start the process of getting on hormones."

Willow, 17

"No one wants a 17-year-old trans girl to be working with them or, you know, be in their house with them."

Oliver, 16

"I've had such a privileged experience in terms of the way I experienced being transgender - I've never really had any problems."