Trusting Robots


Trusting Robots


EPISODE 10 Tue 21 Apr
How much should we hand over to robots?

Meet The Guests

Yvonne Cartwright

Mum of two autistic children who uses a robot to help them learn: "It's about not being judged, it’s about the robot or the computer or the iPad will repeat things 100 times over and it really doesn't matter."

Wendy Moyle

Professor Moyle is Director of the Centre for Health Practice Innovation: "We've got a very large trial running with over 400 people with dementia… and we’re looking at whether (the robot) makes a difference to them in terms of emotional response… we’re halfway through the trial and certainly I’m seeing some very positive responses."

Rob Sparrow

Associate Professor at Monash University and Ethicist: "People here are trying to have it two ways … it’s a conversation that is being driven by a vaudeville act from engineers and computer scientists."

Peter Corke

Professor and Roboticist: "In this country we have productivity issues and if we’re not productive than as a country we’re not going to be able to compete. So I think people plus machines is going to improve our global productivity and competitiveness."

Toby Walsh

Professor Walsh is NICTA Director and artificial intelligence specialist: "One of the problems with all technologies is it can be used for good or for bad… the technology could be misused by people and that’s something we just have to be aware of and to worry about how we control the technology."

Tim Dean

Science Editor and Philosopher: "The idea of working to earn a living could change. Some people talk about a universal basic income, basically giving everybody a preliminary wage."

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