Turning Around A Rural Town


Turning Around A Rural Town


EPISODE 2 Tue 21 Feb
What happens when a town’s major industry shuts down?

Meet The Guests

Jason Mackay

"I love the Valley and I want to stay here and I want it to be prosperous, but with a target end date for every industry in coal in the Valley .... the Valley is built on coal, our big industries aren’t really coping that well." 

Lee Mackay

"We had a fourth child because we thought we’d be able to afford the cost of living on that income. We built our dream home, we leased a car, we just built our whole life around that promise." 

Connie Van Eyk

"Sometimes we have to put ourselves first and that’s what I’d be looking for [in a politician]. Someone who would walk into this community and say 'I care, let’s see what we can do for you'."

John Pettigrew

"I want to stay here but without sufficient [job] replacement or new ideas, well then it’s simply not going to be feasible."

Lauren Carey, Engie representative

“Globally the world is moving away from brown coal and there's been some significant changes that have impacted on our operations and hence a decision has been made that the business is no longer viable.” 

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