Ultra Endurance Athletes


Ultra Endurance Athletes


EPISODE 40 Tue 21 Nov
Insight explores what drives people to push their physical limits? What are the consequences?

Meet The Guests

Grahak Cunningham

“You're given a maximum of 51 days to finish. You run from 6am to midnight for that period of time … You're trying to stay focused, you're trying to stay happy and you average about 100 kilometres a day … My best time’s 43 days.” 

Ant Williams

“I remember waking up every morning for the next three months with a goofy smile on my face just going, 'I can't believe I [freedived to] 100 metres'.”  

Sarah Hammond

“The key in these races is to move so when I race, I sleep when I need to sleep ... I live on gas station food so I'm constantly moving so I don't stop and sit down and have meal breaks. I don't shower, I wear the same set of clothes right till the end.”

Luca Turrini

“It wasn't just to break records; it was to test my own limits and also we were trying to raise funds for a cause … I gave away so much during the training and to get to that stage and so my only thought was I just need to keep moving.”