Unplanned Pregnancies


Unplanned Pregnancies


Insight hears from a number of people whose one night stand resulted in parenthood. But is a ‘Tinder surprise’ baby just a modern label for an age-old issue that many face at some stage of their lives? Insight asks: what’s it like having a child with someone you hardly know?

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“He said yes to having sex with me but he didn’t say yes to being a father so I couldn’t force that responsibility on to him.”


“[I was] trying to convince myself that it was better that the father was the fellow that I’d been exclusively seeing for six months as opposed to a fellow I’d been very casually seeing.”


“I felt an immense pressure to tell him [I was pregnant] and I guess I felt sick because I didn’t want to.”


“About nine months after I had the termination I met someone, and after about six weeks, I fell pregnant again.”