Video Games


Video Games


EPISODE 26 Tue 7 Aug
How much video gaming is too much?

Meet The Guests


"I don’t mind him playing Fortnite. We have boundaries around how much he can play..."

Taei Aluni

"[Gaming] goes into my sleep zone … I was working five days a week doing 10-hour days and I’d probably be getting four hour’s sleep at the most every night.  So, yeah I was on the high spectrum of gaming."

Emilie Poissenot

"Some [game designers] were looking at the gambling industry and learning how you create addiction … that just was a line that I wasn’t willing to cross."

Dr Philip Tam

"The gaming problem is an end point result of a whole range of underlying conflicts and it does take a lot of time to tease that all out, but I think on balance, it’s a good step that it’s recognised as a disorder because a lot of parents and families are often, frankly, quite desperate for help."

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