Vitamins & Supplements


Vitamins & Supplements


EPISODE 4 Tue 12 Mar
The vitamins and dietary supplements industry has doubled over the last 10 years – we’re now spending an estimated $4.9bn each year on complementary medicines. But while some medical professionals say they work, others say the scientific evidence isn’t there, and warn we could be wasting money and risking our health.

Meet The Guests

Susan Willoughby

“I think [vitamins] are doing me good … whether it’s psychosomatic, I don’t care.”

Rhiannon Tracey

“I thrive off vitamin B. I’ve actually done studies myself where I’ve taken myself off certain things to see how my body responds.”

Annie Gilberthorpe

“It ended up being complete liver failure. [My doctor] said ‘you’ve taken all these things because you think they’re natural… well, funnel web venom is also natural, would you take that?’”

Ass. prof. Ken Harvey

“There is no evidence that routinely consuming multi-vitamins or whatever gives you extra benefits. Food and good diet is the crucial thing… I believe the industry is over-hyping and over-pushing these particular products.”