Voluntary Assisted Dying


Voluntary Assisted Dying


EPISODE 5 Tue 3 Mar
Voluntary Assisted Dying has been legal in Victoria for six months, and will soon be available in Western Australia. With over 100 people having registered to access Voluntary Assisted Dying, Insight asks: how is it working and what to doctors and patients think about this new area of medicine?

Meet The Guests

Sam Lara

“It became very clear very quickly she wasn’t going to change her mind and as soon as I realised that I thought ‘Okay, I have to embrace this.’ That’s when we started thinking, ‘how do we make the rest of this time with her as meaningful as possible?’”

Belinda Teh

“It was the most traumatic, devastating moment of my life and it will haunt me for the rest of my life… the terminal sedation went for four hours.”

Assoc. Prof. Mark Yates

“I’ve thought very deeply about having voluntary assisted dying in my practice… I conscientiously object. I want to maintain a very solid social contract with my patients so that they will never doubt what I’m thinking.” 

Dr Cameron McLaren

“It’s always bugged me that we call euthanizing an animal a humane act but we don’t do it for humans.”