Volunteer Firies


Volunteer Firies


EPISODE 8 Tue 24 Mar
Volunteer firefighters around Australia dropped everything to fight on the frontline of the most ferocious and terrifying bushfires Australia has ever seen. Insight brings together volunteer firies from around Australia to find out what toll that has taken and how they are settling back to normality.

Meet The Guests

Nathan Barnden

"I'd be lying if I said I was coping. I'm starting to get a handle on things now and starting to move forward, yeah, it's been an incredible challenge."

John Lardner

"It was apocalyptic, no one could imagine what you're in, the ground's shaking, your truck's shaking, it's just like it’s about to leave the earth. I don't know whether I was going from sort of normal life into the afterlife. I thought I must be going to hell because that's exactly where I thought I was going."

Siobhan Threlfall

"Like how close we were to not being here today and I don't think unless you were there you really got that. So that was hard to kind of go back to usual life."

Lilly Stepanovich

"When I got back to work, quite honestly for me it was boring at work. I didn't have the action, I didn't have the adrenaline, that was there every day on the fire ground."

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