Weddings, Dollars and Dowries


Weddings, Dollars and Dowries


EPISODE 10 Tue 17 Apr
How is dowry custom evolving in Australia?

Meet The Guests

Chol Goch

"Because of the dowry, the woman belong to you. Anything that belongs to the woman belongs to you." 

Ajah Wuoi

"I am not feeling like he paid them, like he’s buying me, no. It’s traditional and something that he does to appreciate my family for raising me to be who I am right now."

Sheron Sultan

"I had told my parents, 'I am not going to let my uncles decide what I am worth'. I love and respect my culture and it has formed my identity but at the same time, I am marrying someone outside my culture so I have to respect his side as well."

Divya Dhingra

"We are Sikhs and we absolutely don’t believe in dowry. We believe that marriages are bonding of two hearts and money should absolutely not come between such a pure relationship of unconditional love." 

Gurjap Kholi

"Very often we hear a lot of marriages being broken because they can’t meet the dowry requirements. Whereas a lavish gift, it’s something you give from the heart."

Naseema Mustapha

"I decided that I would like for Mohamed to choose a goat, to pray and slaughter the goat and cook the food and feed the poor. And that’s our dowry."

Nyadol Nyuon

"I feel very conflicted and I felt I wasn’t strong enough to have stood up to my culture and say I actually don’t want him to pay this amount of cows for me."


"[Dowry] has affected me, it has stopped my life. I can’t trust anyone."

Dr Manjula O'Connor

"It is not okay for her husband, or for anyone’s husband, to demand that property."