Weight loss surgery


Weight loss surgery


EPISODE 14 Tue 21 May
Nearly two thirds of Australians are overweight or obese and more of us are turning to surgery to deal with the problem. Insight explores how medical professionals decide who should be eligible for the life-changing surgery and how we measure its success.

Meet The Guests

Chris Lennon

“People assume that when we look in the mirror, we see what they see. They forget we see ourselves every day. I was 220 kilos, I knew I was big … but I didn’t see how big I was.” 

Sally Tillbrook

“It’s been a hard habit to break, even now. I graduated uni and the first thing I did was went out and did a 10 day holiday in Bali and ate myself nearly to death. So, celebrate, get food, angry, get food, sad, get food.” 

Jacqui Roberts

“I needed a forced restriction to stop me … to keep that weight off. And I was after a bit of something else … a little bit of a fast process as well.” 

Dr George Hopkins

“We don’t get to measure the success of this until we have long term sustained weight loss which I can say comes more from the head than from the stomach.”