When Mining Comes to Town


When Mining Comes to Town


EPISODE 28 Tue 25 Aug
What happens to a farming community when mining comes to town?

Meet The Guests

Aileen Harrison

"The dust was like living in a dust storm... The noise was worse than a demolition site."

Don Ballon

Miner and part-time farmer: "I really didn't want (the mine) there. (But now) I'm happy with it. I've raised my family there. We don't have any problems."

Tanya Plant

Cattle farmer: "There's a lot of mistrust there."

Grant Wieck

Cattle farmer: "(Acland) has been trashed and there is no community."

Noel Wieck

Dairy farmer: "Coal is going to kill the world if we keep digging (it) up."

Jim Randell

Executive GM of Mining, New Hope: "We work very hard to gain that trust (and) we'll continue to work with people." 

Shane Stephan

MD of New Hope: "435 jobs, there's no fly-in-fly-out and people live in the district."

Phil Ruthven

Economic forecaster: "There's an old Australian saying, it's called 'get real'... Agriculture has almost become an insignificant contributor to jobs, wealth and living."

Tony Windsor

Former Federal MP for New England: "(Shenhua and BHP) would like to put in mega mines - between the two of them of a billion tonnes. Most mines in the past have been quite small."

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