Women Who Kill Violent Men


Women Who Kill Violent Men


EPISODE 6 Tue 10 Mar
If you believe your violent partner is going to kill you, what is a reasonable response? More than half of women who kill their partners are domestic violence victims but most end up pleading guilty to manslaughter instead of claiming self-defence. We talk to women who have killed violent men.

Meet The Guests

Jonda Stephen

“I just saw the knife and just wanted him to stop hitting me with that iron.”

Jodie Gore

“Fear came upon me that's when I stabbed him … I thought he's going to kill me or attack me again.”

Marcia Neave - former judge

“Juries don't necessarily know very much about family violence and they may say … well, why didn't she leave?  [Killing] wasn't a ‘reasonable response’. So I think we've got to do a huge amount of work educating the community about the circumstances of family violence.”