Working in Criminal Law


Working in Criminal Law


EPISODE 28 Tue 28 Aug
The impact of working on a criminal trial, and how top lawyers do their best while defending the worst.

Meet The Guests

Bill Hosking

"I wish somebody else had been selected to take that brief."

Mark Klees

"I’ve been scared, I was scared sometimes in relation to that trial…I knew they had, or it was said they had, a lot of, well access to firearms, assault rifles, they had rocket launchers."

Tim Marsh

"You meet people who have transgressed the boundaries of normal human behavior in ways that are quite extraordinary and it’s a difficult thing to come face-to-face with that."

Karen Weeks

"I often say I think I’ve seen everything and then I see, you know, another matter will hit my desk and it’s like wow, now I’ve seen everything and I mean everything."

Kara Shead

"I’ve seen some terrible photographs, child homicides in particular where I’ve been exposed to very difficult images of children who had struggled for their lives…vicarious trauma is a real issue for criminal lawyers who are exposed again and again to those sorts of images."

Alex Wilson

"That afternoon we decided we would leave Jakarta…before the executions because there was nothing more that could be done and we flew back to Melbourne."

Geoff Chettle

"I walked out of Shepparton, which was the Court I was in, and said I’ll never do another one of those again and didn’t. I just chose not to do child sex cases anymore."

Sarah Miles

"I get pretty emotionally involved. The types of things that affected me weren’t so much the evidence but the situations my clients have gone through."