Young Cancer Sufferers


Young Cancer Sufferers


EPISODE 2 Tue 20 Feb
How do young people get on with life after having had cancer?

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“I remember mum and dad and my brother would call me Leuks because, you know, we thought it would never happen.”


"I had so much to be fearful of and there wasn't really much to look forward to. Like you know there was chemo and probable death. I was given a 10 to 20 percent chance at that point."


"I think the denial came from a place where I felt that I was at my peak and to accept that I had a cancer diagnosis would somehow damage my reputation… people would think that I was weak."


"I'd choose to be a two legged man instead of a one and a half legged man, you know? … it's always good to look at the positives but at the same time I wouldn't say it's something I'd choose."

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