Young Mob


Young Mob


EPISODE 9 Tue 16 Apr
This week, a rare glimpse into the lives of Aboriginal teens in Alice Springs.

Meet The Guests


Terazita, 16, saw plenty of violence while living on an Aboriginal town camp. She has completed an anger management class to help her control her emotional impulses. She hopes to eventually join the Navy to do her family proud.


Noel, 17, dreams of being an architect one day. He’s been in trouble with the law and is serving 10 months home detention for a serious assault. He is still allowed to go to school so is treating it as an opportunity to turn his life around.


Kyle, 15, says he finds sport a good way to express his pent up frustration. Kyle’s older brother was assaulted and is now a paraplegic. Kyle witnessed the attack and he says it still haunts him. Kyle dreams of being a truck driver or joining the defence force.


Rhiannon, 14, is Kyle’s younger sister. Rhiannon says life can be tough for a lot of kids because many face problems with violence and alcohol at home. She says school yard fights are common with girls and boys.


Trevor, 16, admits he’s probably going down the wrong track in life. He’s been doing community service for stealing. He says he dreams of one day becoming a mechanic and moving away from Alice to a place where people are happy and there’s less fighting.


Jesse, 16, says he’s frustrated by the racism around town. He gets called a 'coconut" and a 'white mutt" because of his skin colour. He’d like to be a physical education teacher one day.