'You think cancer won't happen to us’


When Navzad appeared on Insight, his cancer treatment resulted in a remarkable recovery - but one that sadly didn't last. His family tell us what helped them deal with his tragic passing.

When Navzad Engineer appeared on the 2014 Insight episode, Cancer Breakthroughs, the then 18-year-old was the human face of a new scientific frontier in the fight against cancer.

Despite intense radiation and chemotherapy Navzad's brain tumors were continuing to grow. Then genetic testing revealed his tumours had a mutation common to some melanoma, so Navzad's doctors started treating the cancer with a melanoma drug.

Finally he and his family got the good news they had been so desperately waiting for. Navzad's tumour shrunk from the size of a 50 cent coin to five cent coin in a matter of weeks and he was able to return to school and finish his HSC exams.

Things were finally looking up and the family were filled with hope for the future ahead.

Since appearing on the show Navzad's condition sadly deteriorated and he lost his fight with cancer.

In the video above his family explain their heartbreak at his tragic passing and the Navzad Memorial Foundation they have set up in his name, which aims to raise awareness of brain cancer and raise money to fund brain cancer research.

Support Services

Cancer Australia
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Cancer Council
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Helpline 13 11 14

Source SBS Insight