Instagram model faces backlash after breaking angel statue's nose off


There are calls to lock up the 18-year-old social media influencer after a video of her vandalising the 200-year-old statue went viral.

A Polish Instagram model is facing severe backlash after she knocked the nose off a 200-year-old statue in an online video.

A six-second video shows Julia Slonska take a hammer to a statue of an angel in Warsaw's Swiss Valley Park, smashing its nose off while a friend laughs in the background. 

The video has since been removed from Instagram, but was uploaded widely around the internet first. 

The 18-year-old, who has more than 6,300 Instagram followers, was reportedly dropped from mBank's advertising campaign after the video went viral.

Local media reported mBank then took to Instagram itself to condemn her behaviour.

"We definitely do not support such behaviour, and the appropriate services should deal with it," the bank wrote.

"We do not plan to involve this girl in the next spots."

Outraged viewers quickly took to social media to condemn the teenager's behaviour.

One user called her stunt "dumb and brainless", while another urged police to "lock her up". 

In an apology translated from Polish, Slonska is reported to have said: "I'm so stupid. I will not say what was driving me, why I did it, because it is more of a private affair, but I really want to apologise to everyone."

She has deleted her Facebook page and has not posted on Instagram since the incident. 

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