'Intentional act': Dolphin stuck in singlet off WA coast

The dolphin stuck in a singlet Source: Department of Parks and Wildlife, Western Australia

A dolphin stuck in a singlet has been spotted off WA's South West, and the Department of Parks and Wildlife believes someone may have done it deliberately.

A dolphin has been spotted wearing a singlet off Western Australia's South West coast.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife was alerted by the Dolphin Discovery Centre, after a member of the public got photos of the dolphin swimming in Koombana Bay, Bunbury, on Australia Day.

Wildlife officers fear the animal was dressed up deliberately and are now searching for it.

The photos show the singlet covering most of the dolphin's body and its dorsal fin but its blowhole appears uncovered.

However, it's also possible the singlet was litter, prompting a reminder for people to keep their rubbish out of the water.

It's illegal to interfere with marine animals under the Wildlife Conservation Act, which carries a maximum penalty of $4000.

Source AAP

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