Internet set to overtake TV as popular entertainment for the first time

The internet is poised to replace TV as the most popular form of entertainment in Australia. (AAP)

The internet will soon take over from TV as Australia's favourite entertainment source, as the country breaches the "digital tipping point".

That's according to Deloitte's annual survey of media consumption, which found people are now as likely to rank the internet in their top three entertainment sources as they are TV.

About eight in ten of 2300 respondents said they multitask on their gadgets while watching TV, and more than half own a tablet, laptop and smartphone.

Deloitte's Niki Alcorn said the report - the third of its kind - shows digital has finally "come of age".

"Our findings on what we use, where we use it and how, all show that Australians are increasingly sophisticated and savvy when it comes to digital."

Yet the research showed no sign that Australians are ditching their pay TV subscriptions.
Cancellations were stable at four per cent.

Instead, Deloitte said people are supplementing their pay TV subscriptions with internet services.

Bingeing on TV series is also becoming more common as people move online, with more than seven in ten respondents saying they've watched more than three episodes in a single session.

Meanwhile social media use jumped by 170 per cent on 2013, with 54 per cent of people saying they post daily.

Source AAP

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