Middle East

Iran denies Saudi claim of guard arrests

A Saudi Arabian claim that its forces have captured members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps is wrong, an Iranian interior ministry official says.

An Iranian ministry of interior official says Saudi Arabia's claim it has detained three members of the Iranian military is not correct, according to a report.

"The people who came face to face with the powers of (Saudi Arabia) were simple fishermen who had fishermen boats," Majid Aqababai, the director general of border affairs at the interior ministry said on Monday, according to the Young Journalists Club site.

The Saudi Information Ministry issued a statement on Monday saying that it had detained three members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

Aqababai said that the Saudis had fired on the fishermen, killing one of them.

"Saudi Arabia fired on two fishing boats, leading to the death of one of the fishermen," Aqababai said, according to the journalists club site.

Tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, who are regional rivals, has ramped up as each side accuses the other of meddling in conflicts across the Middle East.