'It's a g'day': World reacts to landmark Yes vote on same-sex marriage


In the hours after it was confirmed that Australia had voted Yes in the same-sex marriage survey, the world's leaders and celebrities have expressed their support for the result.

World leaders and celebrities have expressed their support for Australia's landmark majority Yes vote on same-sex marriage. 

Sixty-one point six per cent of Australians agreed same-sex couples should be allowed to marry in the historic national survey.

The result announcement was followed by an outpouring of relief and joy that was echoed across the world. 

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon applauded the country's decision with a short message on Twitter: "Well done, Australia."

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron, who was the leader when same-sex marriage was legalised in the UK, said he was delighted with the result. 

"I’m incredibly proud of legalising same-sex marriage in the UK & delighted that other countries are looking to do the same. G’day Australia," he Tweeted.

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was "thrilled" with the majority decision.

"Love wins in Australia! Thrilled to hear Australians have voted in favour of legalizing [sic] same-sex marriage," he wrote.

Singer Macklemore, who became caught in the marriage equality debate during his last visit to Australia to perform at the NRL Grand Final, was quick to voice his support for the result. 

same sex marriage
Many Australian have celebrated today's result.

The singer had performed his LGBTIQ anthem 'Same Love' at the NRL Grand Final, tweeted: "Goosebumps. Love wins." 

Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres - who is married to Australian Portia de Rossi - also showed her support for the nation's decision: "It's a g'day. Way to go Australia," she wrote. 

Current CEO of tech giant Apple, Tim Cook, said it was an important step forward for equality across the world.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised to change the Marriage Act by Christmas claiming the people of Australia want politicians to "get on with it".



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