Jacqui Lambie denies she's a dual citizen by Scottish descent


Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has become the latest politician to have questions raised over her citizenship.

Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie has been forced to deny she may be a dual citizen by descent, insisting her Scottish-born father is Australian.

But Senator Lambie has not outlined whether her father renounced any citizenship.

"I'm satisfied that my parents are both Australian citizens and I have no concerns about me being a dual citizen because of where they were born or came from, in the case of my father, as an infant," she told SBS News in a statement.

Senator Lambie is the latest politician to be embroiled in the dual citizenship saga as the government moves to establish a new system of declaration for all MPs and senators to resolve the issue.

The Tasmanian senator said she was proud of her Scottish ancestry along with her father.

"I found out more about his family background in recent weeks as I wrote my autobiography ahead of its publication next year," Senator Lambie said.

"My grandfather came to Australia to enlist in the army, in fact. As far as I'm concerned all their affairs are in order as are mine."

Senator Lambie said a citizenship audit of all parliamentarians would clear the air.

During her maiden speech to the Senate, the Tasmanian senator said she shared indigenous heritage through her mother.

"We trace our history over six generations to celebrated Aboriginal chieftain of the Tasmania east coast, Mannalargenna," Senator Lambie said.

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