Karl Stefanovic, Sandra Sully, Lee Lin Chin and more to duke it out in Broadcast Battleground

(Source: SBS)

Some of Australian television's biggest names have re-created the news team fight scene from Anchorman.

Some television's biggest newsreaders and anchors have come together for a bloody fight to the death - all in the name of fun, of course.

The luminaries of the small screen, including Derryn Hinch, Hugh Riminton, Annabel Crabb, Karl Stefanovic - and, of course, SBS World News' very own Lee Lin Chin - will go toe-to-toe as part of the final episode of SBS 2’s The Feed.

Presiding over the rumble will be veteran journalist David Marr.

"The battle lines are drawn," Marr intones with tongue firmly lodged in cheek.

"Many of you will not survive today. But your legacy will live on through the future of journalism, in Buzzfeed articles and tweets for Mamamia."

Lee Lin Chin has been starting fires all year, first presenting Celebrity News with the Celebrity Chin-Wag, then trying her hand in a cooking show Lee Linguine, before moving on to reality television for a stint in The Real Newsreaders of Sydney. There are not many toes Lee Lin hasn’t stood on. Her rivals have had enough. But where Chin goes, trouble follows.

Will Karl Stefanovic throw the first punch? Will Annabel Crabb’s rolling pin work as a weapon? When did Richard Wilkins learn to fight with chains? Will Lee Lin’s teeth be Steve Cannane’s next retraction? Where did Lisa Wilkinson get that baseball bat? Can Anton Enus save Lee Lin?

These questions may not be answered, but Derryn Hinch will trash talk like a boss in The Feed’s penultimate show for the year.

The full segment will air on The Feed on Thursday night at 7.30pm on SBS 2.

Source SBS

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