Kate Miller-Heidke ramps up Eurovision preps

Singer Kate Miller-Heidke has already won over the Australian public and a jury of industry experts. Now, as this year's Australian Eurovision representative, she's throwing all her energy into preparing for the big event.

Kate Miller-Heidke's operatic spectacle stole the hearts of Australia, when she performed her song "Zero Gravity" in front of a live audience.

She won the inaugural Australian final 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' which was held on the Gold Coast.

Her performance won the popular vote and the votes of the jury, comprised of a panel of industry experts.

 She'll represent Australia at this year's Eurovision Song Contest held in Tel Aviv - the fifth Australian to represent Australia in the competition.

Kate Miller-Heidke chats with SBS World News reporter Natarsha Kallios
Source: SBS

"It's just taken over my life, and I couldn't be happier," Kate Miller-Heidke told SBS News.

"I'm working on this and pretty much solely this for the next couple of months.

"I mean just the idea of there being this mini United Nations backstage and every artist is so diverse and different, I just think it's going to be incredible."

The singer was dressed in a metres-high dress and headpiece, accompanied by a dancer on a pole sweeping back and forth behind her - during her Gold Coast performance, but she's promising a bigger and better stage in Tel Aviv. 

Kate Miller-Heidke performs Zero Gravity during the 2019 Eurovision - Australia Decides final at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Source: AAP

"It is an emotional song for me and it's a personal song and it feels like the song is rooted in deep emotion for me," Miller-Heidke said.

"I think that's the most important thing that the staging can capture without too many distractions visually.

"Obviously the production has to enhance and lift the roof off, but at the same time it all comes down to the emotion of the song - without that it's just a bunch of distractions."

 Miller-Heidke is beginning to prepare her vocals by undergoing intensive vocal coaching, which includes singing through straws and even crawling on the floor.

"That's all about disengaging the critical brain, the left brain," Miller-Heidke said.

"When you're singing classically, I mean I'm doing a pop song, but the middle section is highly operatic and opera singing is very much an athletic pursuit.

"It's about these tiny muscles here and if you overthink it, you're going to screw yourself up especially when it gets to that crazy high note." 

 The line-up for this year's Eurovision Song Contest is complete, with 41 countries competing.

Miller-Heidke has several tough acts to follow after impressive performances from previous Australian contestants Guy Sebastian, Dami Im, Isaiah Firebrace and Jessica Mauboy.

The first semi-final takes place in Tel Aviv in the middle of May.


Published 14 March 2019 at 9:10pm