Key players react to Turnbull energy plan

Politicians and industry, business and conservation figures have begun weighing in on the prime minister's energy plan.



"This energy policy is so half-baked it's got salmonella." - Tasmanian Labor MP Brian Mitchell.

"Good to see the Gov plans to scrap RET & CET like One Nation has been suggesting. About time they joined us in the 21st century." - One Nation leader Pauline Hanson tweeted.

"The government's energy policy is a direct attack on South Australian households & industry. More expensive bills with dirty power." - South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.


"There are multiple ways of achieving a credible mechanism. I'm optimistic power bills will go down." - Chief Scientist Alan Finkel.

"The policy outlined by the federal government today removes the market distortions that can be the result of subsidising certain sectors." - Steve Davies, chief executive of the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association.

"The guarantee will impose additional requirements on electricity retailers and generators, which need careful consideration." - Matthew Warren, chief executive of the Australian Energy Council.

"Govt announcement an important step, keen to work together to make it work. With bipartisan support, it will provide investment certainty." - Andy Vesey, chief executive of AGL Energy.


"The plan announced today by the government seeks to tick these boxes (lower prices, increased reliability, emissions targets)." - Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive James Pearson.

"The plan gives the electricity sector a great deal of flexibility and it gives welcome recognition of the imperative of maintaining trade competitiveness for emissions-intensive industries." - Innes Willox, chief executive of Australian Industry Group.


"This is like doubling down on horse and carts despite the invention of motor vehicles." - Climate Councillor Andrew Stock.

"We know we have to make the shift to clean energy - not delay that shift - which is what the policy does." - Australian Conservation Foundation chief executive Kelly O'Shanassy.

"What we've seen today is a clear policy announcement that stymies and stops the development of renewables and doesn't do anything to address climate change." - GetUp national director Paul Oosting.

Source AAP

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