Let Abbott scrap carbon tax: Labor MP

Federal Labor shouldn't stand in the way of coalition moves to ditch the carbon tax, Labor backbencher Nick Champion says.

Federal Labor should allow the Abbott government to scrap the carbon tax to expose the coalition's climate change policy as a "disaster", a backbencher says.

Labor MP Nick Champion has broken ranks with his senior Labor colleagues who have signalled they will block the coalition's plans to repeal the carbon tax in parliament.

"If the majority of people vote for bad policy, then they simply need to see that experiment fulfilled," he told ABC radio on Wednesday.

"It's not our job to save the Liberal Party from bad policy and it's not our job to save the Australian people from bad policy if that's what they choose and vote for in an election."

Scrapping the carbon tax and moving to the coalition's direct action plan would push electricity prices up, raise Australia's emissions and waste $3 billion dollars, Mr Champion said.

That would expose Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott's policies as a "disaster" and would hasten his demise.

"In effect, I think the Liberal Party want to hang themselves," Mr Champion said. "Well, we should give them as much rope as they need."

He says Labor should oppose the carbon tax repeal legislation in the lower house and abstain in the Senate.

Source AAP

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