Light aircraft up in flames on NSW runway

A small plane has burst into flames after an emergency landing in the NSW Riverina region.

Two people have narrowly escaped injury when their light aircraft was engulfed in flames shortly after an emergency landing in the NSW Riverina region.

The men began to smell smoke shortly after takeoff from Wagga Wagga Airport at about 2pm on Friday afternoon, NSW Police said in a statement.

The pilot turned the two-seater Jabiru aircraft around and descended from about 250 metres to make an emergency landing at the airport.

The 64-year-old and his 69-year-old passenger quickly escaped the aircraft before it burst into flames on the runway.

The aircraft was destroyed and debris blanketed the runway, closing the airport.

The two men sustained abrasions in the landing but were not seriously hurt.

The incident was handed to Recreational Aviation Australia for investigation as emergency crews moved to reopen the runway.

Published 19 April 2019 at 7:06pm
Source: AAP