Make February 10 'Greg Hunt day': Greens

Someone get Greg Hunt one of those custom mugs already! The Environment Minister just got named "The World Best Minister". Source: AAP

The Greens and Labor have poked fun at Environment Minister Greg Hunt's best minister in the world award.

The Australian Greens are calling on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to declare February 10 a public holiday to celebrate Environment Minister Greg Hunt's new title.

Mr Hunt was awarded "best minister in the world" at the World Government Summit in Dubai on Tuesday night for his efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Labor and the Greens were quick to poke fun at the award and satirically point out Mr Hunt's "achievements".

"Australians left scratching their heads," Labor titled its press release.

Deputy Greens leader Scott Ludlam uploaded an online video dubbed "an address to the nation".

In it, he sarcastically urges the public to join the Greens in pushing for a public holiday to honour Mr Hunt for his award.

"It may sound like something his mum made up," he says.

Both Labor and the Greens point out under Mr Hunt's watch, renewable energy investment has stalled and carbon pollution has increased.

Carbon emissions increased by 1.3 per cent last year, by the government's own figures, and Reputex analysis predicts the levels will grow by six per cent to 2020.

Senator Ludlam also points out Mr Hunt approved the world's largest coal mine and signed off on dumping dredge spoil on the Great Barrier Reef.

Asked if he had printed new business cards with the new title, Mr Hunt said he didn't think that would be happening.

"The title is so extraordinarily grand that you're just trying to play it down and make sure you get home," he told 3AW on Wednesday.

Source: AAP