Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull struggles with words to John Farnham song again


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wanted to show off more lines to a John Farnham classic after an earlier fumble, but couldn't quite remember what they were.

It's the iconic Aussie hit blasted out in the declining hours of wedding receptions and at the Commonwealth Games, as was the case this week.

But Malcolm Turnbull is still struggling with the words to John Farnham's classic 'You're the Voice'.

After being filmed seemingly mumbling the lyrics surrounded by members of the Australian swim team on Tuesday, the prime minister was adamant he knew them on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister's selfie with Australia's Commonwealth Games swimmers.
The Prime Minister's selfie with Australia's Commonwealth Games swimmers.
Instragram @turnbullmalcolm

It would have been the worst thing to inflict his singing on the beautiful and talented young people around him, he said during an FM radio interview.

But he did eventually speak the words: "You're the voice try and understand it, make a noise and make it clear".

On Thursday, he was all prepared to recite more lines when interviewed by 3AW radio, but when the moment came, they escaped him.

"There's a good line in there for the treasurer, time to um, what is it... the bit about balancing the books," he said.

Host Neil Mitchell asked whether it was the lyrics about looking "down the barrel of a gun".

That wasn't it, but Mr Turnbull never managed to remember the actual line.

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