Meet the 50 kilogram newborn you might just find a little bit of yourself in


A larger than life baby has materialised above punters' heads at Federation Square in Melbourne, much to their joy - and horror.

Hovering above us mere humans, the 11-and-a-half metre-long baby is hard to miss.

Birthed into Melbourne's Federation Square, the gender-neutral, ethnically-diverse, big bundle of joy is the latest work by renowned Australian artist Felipe Reynolds.

The big baby or 'Human Mobile' is affectionately known as 'Ping Pong', a nickname of the artist himself.

“It's sort of a self-portrait, me as a baby, but what I'm trying to do with it is incorporate everybody in it,” Mr Reynolds told SBS.

“I wanted it to not be white, not be black, not be female, not be male - just be as inclusive as possible, so everybody can relate to it.”

Reynolds is a set and costume designer for theatre, opera and television, who’s worked on King Kong the Musical and Walking with Dinosaurs.

He said there was also some 'divine' inspiration behind the work.

Ping Pong
'Ping Pong' evokes the spirit of play.

“I drew from Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam', so the part of the mural from the Sistine Chapel, where God creates Adam.”

“I've used the same pose as Adam, in the sculpture. So when you come up to it, you play the part of God.”

'Ping Pong' weighs in at 50 kilograms, the artists own computer animation printed onto the polyester which is inflated by a fan.

And at night, it lights up, like a lantern.

In the artist's mind, Federation Square’s unique composition becomes a giant crib for the baby. And a GoPro has been installed to project an upright image of the baby.

“Turning the world on its head, the baby is actually on the ground, and people just become active players for the baby's amusement,” said Reynolds.

The public can play parent with ‘Human Mobile’ at Federation Square’s Atrium until October 21.

Big baby
The baby appears to play on the roof.

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