Meet the 'next generation' of Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot


If this is what it can do now, imagine what will do in 10 years time?

Engineering and robotics company Boston Dynamics has released a new video showing off the latest version of Atlas, its bipedal humanoid machine - and the results are jaw-dropping.

The short clip, uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, shows the "next generation" battery-powered robot walking in outdoor rough terrain, using its legs for balance, and picking up and stacking heavy boxes.

It's a far cry from its predecessors, which were bigger, tethered to an external power supply and often lost their balance.

The new robot, writes the Alphabet-owned company, uses sensors in its body and legs to balance and LIDAR stereo sensors - a form of laser light surveying technology - to avoid obstacles, assess terrain and adapt to changing circumstances.

And just how do you demonstrate this? Bully it, of course.

The new video also shows an engineer poking, prodding and pushing the machine with a hockey stick until it eventually topples.

The result? Watch for yourself.




Source SBS News

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