Member of the Order of Australia recipients

This Australia Day, Aussie chef and author Maggie Beer, footwear retailer David Wittner and former rugby union captain Stirling Mortlock have been recognised.

Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia (AM)

Television chef and cookbook author Maggie Beer has received a Member of the Order of Australia this year, alongside former Wallabies rugby union captain Stirling Mortlock, and footwear retailer David Wittner.

The following is a list of other notable recipients. The It's An Honour website will have a full list of recipients at a later stage.

Ms Maria Louise Atkinson
For service to the construction and real estate sector, particularly as a leader and contributor to environmentally sustainable building development in Australia.

Ms Maggie Beer
For service to the tourism and hospitality industries as a cook, restaurateur and author, and to the promotion of Australian produce and cuisine.

Ms Debra Louise Brennocks
For service to the international community, particularly through roles supporting children and young people and as Co-Founder and Director of the Sandra Jones Centre in Zimbabwe.

Mr Robert Andrew Brice
For service to business, particularly to the tourism industry, and through philanthropic support for tertiary education institutions in Queensland.

Mr Michael Paul Brosowski
For service to the international community, particularly young people, as Founder and Director of the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation in Vietnam.

Dr John Michael Buckingham (deceased)
For service to medicine, particularly the care of women undergoing treatment for breast cancer, through executive roles with BreastScreen ACT, and to medical education.

Mr David Rhett Butler
For service to the international community through the provision of sustainable water treatment solutions for humanitarian projects and emergency and disaster relief efforts.

The Honourable Theo Russell Parnell Cooper
For service to the Parliament of Queensland, to local government, and to the Roma and Crows Nest communities.

Mr Andrew Charles Darbyshire
For service to the community as a supporter of research into child-related brain conditions, through contributions to special needs children and their families, and to the arts.

Professor Peter Eric Davies
For service to conservation and the environment as a contributor to national water policy development and through research of Australia's rivers and waterways.

Professor Martin Andrew Green
For service to science education as an academic and researcher, particularly through the development of photovoltaic solar cell technology, and to professional associations.

Professor Jeanette Anne Hacket
For service to tertiary education administration at Curtin University, to the fostering of links with overseas institutions, and to the promotion of equitable educational services for regional communities.

Mr Graeme John Henderson
For service to maritime archaeology in Western Australia through the documentation and preservation of Australia's underwater cultural heritage, to international professional associations, and to the community.

Associate Professor Renate Thelma Howe
For service to higher education and to the arts through administrative and academic roles, and to the community, particularly through heritage and cultural organisations.

Dr John Patrick Keneally
For service to medicine as a clinician and academic, to the specialty of paediatric anaesthesia and pain management, and through advisory roles with public health organisations.

Ms Frances Mary Kilgariff
For service to local government in the Northern Territory, to the economic and social advancement of the community of the Alice Springs region, and through contributions to Indigenous, tourism and community health organisations.

Mr Jeffrey Lee
For service to conservation and the environment in the Northern Territory, particularly through advocacy roles for the inclusion of the Djok Gundjeihmi country as a World Heritage area within Kakadu National Park.

Emeritus Scientia Professor Eugenie Ruth Lumbers
For service to the medical sciences in the fields of physiology and pharmacology as a researcher, academic and administrator, and to the community.

Mr Roydon John Masters
For service to sport through executive roles with the Australian Sports Commission, to the sport of Rugby League football, and to journalism.

Dr Timothy Hamish Mathew
For service to medicine in the field of renal disease and transplantation through research and advisory roles, and to Kidney Health Australia.

Mr Simon David Mordant
For service to the arts and to the cultural environment of Australia through philanthropic and executive roles, and to the community.

Mr Stirling Austin Mortlock
For service to the sport of Rugby Union football, particularly as Captain of the Wallabies.

Professor Kathryn Nance North
For service to medicine in the field of neuromuscular and neurogenetics research, paediatrics and child health as a clinician and academic, and to national and international professional associations.

Dr Rodney David Pearce
For service to medicine as a general practitioner, through contributions to national medical organisations, and to education.

Ms Prudence Howard Power
For service to community health as an advocate for equity and access to health care services, to the development of professional standards, and to nursing.

Mr George Benjamin Smith
For service to the sport of Rugby Union football as a player at the national and international level, and to the community.

Dr Philip Jon Stephenson (deceased)
For service to the earth sciences as an academic, to the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions organisation, and to environmental and resource management.

Mrs Rosalind Maybanke Strong
For service to women through the United Nations entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women, to the arts, heritage and education sectors, and to the community.

Ms Inaam Tabbaa
For service to industrial relations in New South Wales, and to the community, particularly through the Australian Council of Women Affairs.

Professor Martin Tsamenyi
For service to maritime and fisheries law in the Asia-Pacific region, through the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security, and to legal education.

Mr Patrick Ernest Walsh
For service to the international community in the Asia-Pacific region as an advocate for human rights, particularly in Timor-Leste.

Professor Garry James Walter
For service to medicine in the field of adolescent mental health, to medical education, and as a contributor to professional publications.

Associate Professor Alan John Watson
For service to the international community as Founder of the Katoke Trust for Overseas Aid, to the people of Tanzania, and to education.

Mr David Wittner
For service to business, particularly footwear retailing, to professional organisations, to a range of charitable and medical research groups, and to Rotary.

Ms Carol Joan Woodrow
For service to the performing arts, to youth theatre as an artistic director, and to the development of women playwrights in Australia.

Source: SBS

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