Men in Taiwan are wearing skirts this week to lobby for marriage equality


Ahead of a key vote on same-sex marriage on Friday, men and boys in Taiwan are wearing skirts to school, university and work.

Men in Taiwan are wearing skirts this week to raise awareness about gender stereotyping and marriage equality.

It comes ahead of a planned discussion in Taiwan’s parliament on Friday on whether or not to grant marriage rights to same-sex couples in Taiwan.

If it passes on 24 May, Taiwan will become Asia’s first country to allow same-sex marriage.

Pictures of students and adults wearing skirts to support the cause have been shared on social media, with one Facebook group encouraging people to "put on your miniskirt".

Boys wear skirts in Taiwan


Taiwan skirts


Skirt wearing initiative

The National Taiwan University and a high school shared photos of them taking part in the initiative, as did several company employees.

The National Taiwan University is in support of the initiative.

Taiwan's constitutional court declared in May 2017 that same-sex couples had the right to legally marry, and set a two-year deadline for legislation.

But in a referendum held last year, more than two-thirds of voters said they opposed marriage equality, wanting to instead retain the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman. 

People in Taiwan wear skirts

Same-sex marriage in Australia has been legal since 9 December 2017.

It passed the parliament after a voluntary postal survey found 61.6 per cent of respondents supported the move. 

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