Milestones In Apple's 40-year history

The 40-year history of Apple has seen some of the most crucial moments in technology and some of the biggest product launches.


April 1, 1976 - Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne found Apple Computer in garage of Jobs' parents' house in Los Altos, California; less than a year later, Wayne sells his 10 per cent stake for $US800 dollars

July 1976 - Company's first product, Apple I, launched - it is little more than a circuit board that comes without a keyboard, monitor or case; each is handmade by Wozniak and priced at $US666.66

1977 - 2nd-generation device Apple II launched at a computer fair; later models among first devices to take incorporate floppy disk drive

1979 - Jobs changes Apple's focus to graphical user interface after seeing Xerox use boxes and windows as graphics, as well as virtual folders to organise items on the screen, instead of text

1984 - Jobs launches the Macintosh. An advert for the device depicting George Orwell's world of 1984 being shattered by the arrival of the Macintosh is shown during the Super Bowl; it's the beginning of Apple's "Think Different" era

1985 - After a strong start, Macintosh sales fall away, and Jobs rows with chief executive John Sculley; after Jobs reportedly plots a coup to remove him, the Apple board sides with Sculley and strips Jobs of his responsibilities. He resigns and immediately creates NeXT

1993 - The ill-fated Newton tablet launches; the device struggles; its handwriting recognition feature is even made the butt of a joke on The Simpsons. Sculley is removed as CEO and replaced by Michael Spindler, who is replaced by Gil Amelio in 1996. Amelio eventually decides to buy NeXT for its operating system, returning Jobs to Apple

1998 - After he replaces Amelio as CEO in July 1997, Jobs launches the iMac. Comes in a range of colours and first major product to be influenced by Jony Ive; it's a success

2001 - First iPod announced, which enables users to have "1000 songs in their pocket" for the first time; followed by iTunes Store in 2003, ushering in age of digital downloads

2007 - Moments after announcing company changing its name from Apple Computer to Apple Inc, Jobs reveals its first smart mobile device, the iPhone

2010 - Returning from medical leave following cancer treatment, Jobs introduces the iPad. Initially questioned as a needless device, the tablet market soon explodes

January 2011 - Jobs takes another leave of absence, this time indefinitely. Tim Cook assumes day-to-day control of Apple. Jobs reappears in June to unveil iCloud, his last appearance. He resigns as CEO in August

October 5, 2011 - Jobs dies of cancer at age 56

2014 - Re-designed iPhone 6 and larger 6 Plus launch, with Apple selling 10 million in three days. Company also announces its first wearable - the Apple Watch

2015 - Apple quarterly profits break global quarterly profit record for any public company. Apple Watch goes on-sale.

2016 - FBI gains court order to have Apple help unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the Islamic State-linked San Bernardino shooters. Apple refuses to comply on privacy grounds and is backed by tech community. FBI then gets a third party help to unlock phone and drops the court order.

Source AAP

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