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Militants kill five TV journalists in Iraq

Suicide bombers have assaulted an Iraqi television station headquarters, killing five journalists. (AAP)

Militants have killed five journalists in an attack on a TV station in the Iraqi city of Tikrit, with 17 more people dead in other violence in the country.

Suicide bombers have assaulted an Iraqi television station headquarters, killing five journalists, the latest in a series of attacks against the media, police officers say.

At least 17 more people were killed in other violence, including four officers who died when mortar rounds struck a military base.

And the defence ministry announced that Iraqi forces destroyed two militant camps, with officials saying the civil war in neighbouring Syria was driving the violence.

The dead from the attack on Monday on Salaheddin television in Tikrit, north of Baghdad, were the chief news editor, a copy editor, a producer, a presenter and the archives manager, the police officers said, while five of the channel's employees were wounded.

Two of the bombers blew themselves up during the attack, and security forces killed the other two when they stormed the building.

Last week, militants attacked the Tikrit city council headquarters, killing a council member and two police.

Iraq has come in for repeated criticism over the lack of media freedom and the number of unsolved killings of journalists.

The country is experiencing the worst violence against journalists in years, with 12 killed in attacks since October 5.

Other violence on Monday left at least 17 more people dead.

Mortar rounds struck an army base in the Abu Ghraib area west of Baghdad, killing a brigade commander, three other officers and two soldiers, security officials said.

Two days earlier, five senior officers, including a divisional commander, and 10 soldiers were killed during an operation against militants in the mainly Sunni western province of Anbar.

And bombings and shootings in Baghdad killed at least nine people and wounded 21 on Monday, while two more people died and eight were wounded in the cities of Mosul and Baquba.

Meanwhile, defence ministry spokesman Mohammed al-Askari said Iraqi forces had destroyed two militant camps in Anbar province.

On Sunday, the US called for regional leaders to work to cut funding and recruitment for two jihadist groups - the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and Al-Nusra Front - saying foreign fighters were going to Syria and then carrying out attacks in Iraq.

ISIL operates in both Syria and Iraq, while Al-Nusra Front is based in Syria but has also been linked to Iraq.

Washington called for "active measures to police the funding and recruitment for these groups ... and deter the flow of foreign fighters into Syria, many of whom later conduct suicide bombings against innocent civilians in Iraq", State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

Askari also said on Sunday that the situation in Syria was driving violence in Iraq.

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