Minister slams plastic surgery's Anzac promo

Michael Ronaldson. (AAP)

The Minister for Veterans' Affairs has condemned a Melbourne cosmetic surgery practice for using Anzac Day to promote plastic surgery and called for its website to be removed.

The Real Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery’s promotion, labelled the “MCG Anzac Day Mateship Experience”, offered Facebook users the chance to win consultations with plastic surgeon Stephen Salemo.

The promotion also asked women to rate their breasts – options including “lopsided” and “too small” – as well as asking how entrants would celebrate getting the “breasts they truly desire”.

Under federal legislation introduced almost a century ago, the use of the word Anzac in relation to businesses or professions is banned.

Speaking from Turkey, the Minister for Veterans' Affairs, Senator Michael Ronaldson said:

"I demand that this site be immediately pulled down.  This is an unauthorised use of the word 'Anzac'. 

"Permission to use the word 'Anzac' must be sought from, and granted by, the Minister of the day."

"Had this company sought my permission, it most certainly would not have been granted on the basis that it was an inappropriate use of the word 'Anzac'. 

"The Government, and I as Minister, will not tolerate this sort of disrespectful behaviour, especially in the lead up to the Centenary period.

"The Government will vigorously pursue any individual or organisation who breach these regulations."

The promotion has prompted ridicule from some social media users, however the Returned and Services League is calling for action from the Federal Government.

National President Ken Doolan said he found the promotion “appalling” and insensitive.

“The word Anzac is a protected word and I would expect the government to take action,” he said.

“Frankly, from an RSL perspective, I’m appalled that someone would use it improperly.”

Listen: Ken Doolan speaks to Stephanie Anderson.

Mr Doolan said Anzac Day was about remembering those who died on active service.

"We should honour their memory and not misuse it," he said.

The surgery and Mr Salemo have been contacted for comment.

The competition was promoted on social media throughout the month.

As of 2.15pm on Tuesday afternoon, four tweets advertising the package remained online as well as five Facebook posts.

Source: SBS