Morrison hits out at attacks on his faith from 'gutless keyboard warriors'

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says online comments attacking his Christian faith are from "keyboard warriors in their mother's basement".

Scott Morrison says "keyboard warriors in their mother's basement" are responsible for online comments attacking his Christian faith.

The prime minister likened them to the people drawing swastikas on Jewish candidates' election signs, which he said had happened to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Julian Leeser.

While Mr Morrison has long been open about his faith, for the first time he allowed cameras into the Horizon Church in Sutherland as he and his family worshipped on Easter Sunday. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and wife Jenny sing during an Easter Sunday service at his Horizon Church at Sutherland in Sydney.
Source: AAP

The images of Mr Morrison singing and waving his hands in the air or clapping attracted criticism and mockery online with one comparing them to a Hitler salute.

"It's disgusting. These grubs are gutless and they're keyboard warriors in their mother's basement trying to make heroes of themselves. But the great Australian people are much bigger than them."

Both leaders agreed to a campaigning truce over the weekend as they spent some time with family but attended several public events accompanied by media. 

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten also attended an Anglican church service with his wife, children and mother-in-law Quentin Bryce in Brisbane on Sunday. 

Bill Shorten and former Governor-General Quentin Bryce arrive and his wife Chloe arrive for an Easter service.
Source: AAP

Mr Morrison also denounced anti-Adani coal mine protesters who compared working for the coal mine to working in Nazi Germany's gas chambers.

"Go and look on their social media contributions, you see a fair bit of that," Mr Morrison told reporters in Melbourne on Monday.

Anti-Adani protest organiser and former Greens leader Bob Brown said in a statement on Monday "I absolutely repudiate offensive comments such as those headlined in today's Murdoch press".

The WA branch of the CFMEU on Sunday posted a picture of Mr Morrison with his hand in the air, with the line "beware of false prophets (or should that be profits?)".

The tweet was later removed.

Published 22 April 2019 at 12:34pm