Mother of Brazilian student killed in Sydney forgives attacker

Lucio Rodrigues (Facebook)

The mother of the Brazilian student killed in Sydney says she forgives the man who was charged with his murder.

Lídia Pagotto Stein Alves Rodrigues, mother of Lucio Stein Rodrigues, told EPTV in Brazil that she didn't even feel anger towards those who punched her son.

The 34-year-old student died in Sydney on Tuesday, 5th November, after an alleged assault on Goulburn Street in the city's central business district at around 3am on Sunday morning.

Police say he died in hospital this morning after receiving emergency surgery.

Listen: SBS Radio Portuguese reports on the story in Portuguese below.

They say witnesses told detectives the man was struck and fell back, hitting his head on the ground.

South Hurstville resident, Nicholas Lambaditis, 33, was arrested and initially charged with maliciously inflicting grevious bodily harm. His charges were later upgraded to murder.

He is due to appear in Central Local Court on Tuesday.

His mother said that unfortunately violence was increasing all the time in the world.

“I forgive his aggressors. I don’t feel anger towards them. Unfortunately the gratuitous violence is more and more common in the whole world”.

Lúcio was a biologist and served as the Capivara City Council Director of Environment, in São Paulo' state.

He was in Australia for two years and planned to go back to Brazil in March next year.

His death comes after another Brazilian student, 21 year old Roberto Laudísio Curti, who died in March last year, also in the Sydney CBD and also on an early Sunday morning.

Source SBS

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